Meeting the Maker: Charles from Apis Cera

We had the pleasure of speaking with Charles, the talented beeswax candle maker behind the renowned brand Apis Cera. Charles's journey from a web designer to a passionate advocate for sustainable and exquisite candle creations is truly inspiring.

BZZWAX: Can you share a little bit about yourself and what led you to become a beeswax candle maker?

Charles: My name is Charles, and I'm half French, half Dutch, currently residing in Provence, South of France. After working as a web designer for big companies in large cities for 10 years, I needed a break from computer screens.

A few years ago, I stumbled upon natural beeswax candles made by a local beekeeper and was captivated by their charm. Inspired, I decided to try making my own candles. Since then, my passion for restoring candles to their former glory has never wavered.

How do you incorporate sustainable practices into your candle making process?

In my candle making process, I incorporate sustainable practices to minimize environmental impact and promote eco-friendliness.

I achieve this by sourcing sustainably produced beeswax, using renewable energy sources for power, avoiding synthetic dyes and fragrances, opting for sustainable wicks and recycled packaging materials, reducing waste, educating customers about sustainability, collaborating with local beekeepers, continuously improving my practices, and staying updated on sustainable candle-making advancements.

These practices contribute to a more environmentally friendly approach and reduce the carbon footprint associated with candle making.

"It's important to pursue your passion and be willing to learn along the way."

What aspects of beeswax do you find most special compared to other types of waxes?

Beeswax possesses unique qualities that set it apart from other waxes. It is natural, renewable, non-toxic, and hypoallergenic, making it a healthier option. Its fragrance, reminiscent of honey and flowers, creates a pleasant ambiance.

Beeswax candles have a longer burn time due to their higher melting point and burn cleanly with minimal soot and smoke. When burned, beeswax releases negative ions, which can improve air quality. Its golden color and smooth texture allow for beautiful and versatile candle designs.

By choosing beeswax, individuals indirectly support sustainable beekeeping practices and contribute to ecosystem balance.

Any advice for individuals interested in starting their own candle making journey?

If you're interested in starting your own candle making journey, I can share my experience. I began making candles as a hobby while working full-time. It's important to pursue your passion and be willing to learn along the way.

I personally found joy in learning about bees and beekeeping, and I recommend connecting with beekeepers and gathering knowledge from various sources.

"Beeswax reminds us of how everything in nature is connected."

How has your contact with beeswax influenced your understanding of the natural world and the need to protect it?

Beeswax provides a window into the intricate workings of ecosystems and the vital role bees play in pollination. Studying bees and their production of beeswax highlights the interdependence and delicate balance of nature. It fosters a greater appreciation for preserving biodiversity and protecting pollinators.

Beeswax reminds us of how everything in nature is connected, as bees are crucial for pollinating plants, including many food crops, and contribute to the overall health and diversity of plant life.

Can you tell me the story behind your new beehive-shaped candle?

It takes me back to my childhood when there was a beautiful beeswax candle in the shape of a skep on my mother's desk. Although it was simply there for decoration, I couldn't resist picking it up and savoring the sweet aroma of honey. Those moments filled me with joy and left a lasting impression.

Fast forward to 2012, when fate brought beeswax candles back into my hands. It was as if that nostalgic memory had resurfaced. I knew in my heart that I never wanted to let go of that enchanting fragrance again. And that's when the idea for my own beeswax candle brand, Apis Cera, took root.

In a heartfelt homage to my cherished childhood memory, I was determined to create my own rendition of that special candle. It was my way of paying tribute to its significance in my life. Hence, I named it Origine, symbolising the origin of Apis Cera, and capturing the essence of that precious beeswax candle from my past.

Charles's dedication to craftsmanship, sustainability, and his childhood memories has culminated in the remarkable beeswax candle brand, Apis Cera.

Through his sustainable practices, Charles not only creates exquisite candles but also contributes to the well-being of bees and the preservation of our environment.

The captivating beauty, delightful scents, and eco-friendly nature of his candles serve as a testament to his passion and commitment.

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