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Beeswax Candles, The Safest Option To Use Around Babies

Beeswax is pure and natural substance that when organic is free from paraffin and other toxic additives. It emits negative ions in the air to purify the air and remove bad odors. Also, it is a good source of aromatherapy for babies. Some give up using candles, considering they might be unsafe for their babies. But to a surprise, beeswax candles are the safest option. So, let’s see the factors that make beeswax candles a good option for babies.

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1. Clean burners

Most of the candles available in the market are made of paraffin wax. Paraffin wax releases harmful toxins and soot that is harmful to the environment as well as for health. It can create a toxic atmosphere inside your home and thus is unsafe for you as well as your baby. But when you switch to beeswax candles, you get to smell a sweet and appealing aroma that makes the atmosphere pleasant inside your home. Beeswax candles are clean burners and don’t emit any toxic pollutants, keeping your surroundings clean and healthier. Thus, while using candles around your baby, remember to purchase beeswax candles.

2. Have pure essential oils

If you are looking for scented candles, make sure those candles don’t have synthetic fragrances. Synthetic fragrances are not natural and contain toxic chemicals that can be harmful for your baby and your health. Beeswax candles that contain pure essential oils are the safest candles to be near your baby. The essential oils act soothing and possess a natural honey-scent smell, creating a perfect ambiance for aromatherapy for your baby.

3. Unbleached cotton wick

One of the essential parts of a candle is its wick. While purchasing candles, remember to check the candle has an unbleached cotton wick. The unbleached cotton wick has a clean burn and doesn’t cause air pollution. It is toxin-free, eco-friendly, and safe for health. You need to keep away the candles that have too thick wicks or those whose wicks contain metal. Beeswax candles have an unbleached cotton wick, which can be trimmed according to your need.


4. Limit the use of candles

Though there are natural candles that are safe to use around babies, you must set a time limit for which the baby is exposed to the aroma. Babies, too, need a natural ventilation system, especially before they sleep. Thus, you need to limit the exposure of the baby to the candles and let fresh air develop their mind.

5. Buy from a reliable supplier

As imported beeswax are impure and contain traces of paraffin, you need to be alert and purchase beeswax candles from a reliable supplier. It becomes difficult for a common person to identify fake beeswax, and thus, you need to check every minute detail. A pure beeswax supplier should be able to tell you the exact process of beeswax extraction and filtration. Further, you can differentiate between fake and original beeswax candles through their feel, colour, scent, and texture.

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