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How To Take Care of Your Beeswax Candles?

Beeswax candles are made up of naturally occurring by-product of honey production. Since there is no paraffin or toxic additives, they give a pleasant and pure smell when they are lit. Being made of high-quality and filtered beeswax, these candles should leave little to no dripping or waste. But like other candles, it is important to take proper care of beeswax candles so that they can burn for a prolonged time without causing any mishap.

Some general points you should remember for keeping your beeswax candles safe are:

1. Cut that excess wick

Some candles need wick to be trimmed before lighting or re-lighting. A longer wick can make the flame flicker or release smoke, while a smaller wick may cause tapers, tealights, tins, and votives to drip or leave unconsumed wax. So, it is better to trim the wick to an optimal size. For tapers, trim the wick up to half an inch or around 1.27 cm, and for pillars, keep it up to a quarter-inch or around 0.60 cm. On the contrary, the wicks of tealights and votives need not be trimmed.

After lighting the candle, if you find that flame is large and is losing its teardrop shape, blow off the candle and trim the wick immediately. Further, extinguish the candle to trim the wick if the flame flickers or a carbon cap is developed around it. Also, if you see the wax pool getting close to the edges of the candle after lighting, you need to cut the excessive wick.

2. Put the light onto a pillar plate or candle holder

If directly put on the furniture, beeswax candles can discolor the surface due to the high temperature. Thus, it is necessary to put a heat-resistant plate under the candle or use a candle holder. Remember to burn the candle in a draft-free environment and out of reach of pets or children. You should not put the candle in a hurricane container as beeswax has a comparatively high melting point than other wax. 

3. That first burn

If you are lighting the beeswax candle for the first time, you should keep in mind that prolonged burning can make it produce soot, reducing the candle’s life. At the same time, if the candle is for a shorter period, it will tunnel the candle that will leave a build-up of wax around the side of the plate or candle holder, reducing its maximum burn time. Thus, you should let the candle burn until you see a wax pool around the whole candle.

4. Maintain bright flame

Though you may trim the wick of the candle depending on the type of candle you are burning, it is important to maintain a bright flame. One trick is to gently push the wax walls of the candle towards the wick after blowing out the candle. Or you can fix too-thin or too-thick pillar walls to harden the wall after the candle cools down.

5. Blooming

Bloom is a whitish coat that starts as a light coat over the candle and gradually becomes heavier. It gives a crystal-like icy appearance. Since it is not evenly spread, you may feel that something is wrong with your beeswax candle. You need not worry as the bloom is not a bruise or flaw on the wax. Instead, it reflects that your beeswax candle is 100% pure. Bloom may not show up on colored or seasoned beeswax candles.

If you are a beeswax candle lover, you might love the charisma and beauty that bloom adds to the candle. In case beeswax candles may look polished or fresh if you remove that heavier bloom around the candle. You can remove the bloom simply by using a soft cloth or heating it gently with a hairdryer, though the bloom may reappear in a few days or a few weeks. This is because beeswax candles continue to flaunt their purity through the bloom.

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