Can I return an item?

Absolutely! If you are not satisfied with your candles we are happy to replace them at no cost or fully refund your order.

How much is the shipping cost and which carrier do you use?

UK - Free (2-3 Days)
EU - £8 (3-5 Days)
US - £15 (7-15 Days)
ROW - £30 (7-15 Days)

All shipments are carbon neutral.

What are the payment options?

Pretty much any credit/debit card and Paypal

How long do you take to dispatch an order?

1-3 days depending on stock levels


What is your manufacturing approach?

We always make sure our manufacturing process has the lowest impact on the planet. From packaging to suppliers, the priority is the lowest carbon emmision.

Also, our candles are made to order to ensure the highest quality and to reduce our environmental impact.

How is your packaging?

We believe that the less packaging a product has, the less waste there will be and fewer greenhouse gases it will emit. Our packaging is 100% recyclable and with a reduced amount of printing, in order to reduce carbon footprint.

How do you choose your suppliers?

Our candles are UK sourced, from beeswax to packaging and we are proud of it. Some shortage of local beeswax may occur between honey harvest seasons or when beekeepers decide to recycle their wax for new hive foundations, in that case, we use a mix of locally sourced and European beeswax.


What is beeswax?

Beeswax is a natural substance produced by honey bees to store honey and raise their broods. Know more

Why beeswax?

Due to its reformative, anti-allergenic, and anti-viral properties, beeswax is used in lip balms, skin moisturizers, itch relief, pain relief, candles, and cooking.

Beeswax candles are eco-friendly, free of toxins, and don't emit smoke, giving off a warm and comforting light to any space. Know more

Where do you get your beeswax from?

Our beeswax is sourced by beekeepers. We follow the best standards when manufacturing our candles and keep in mind that it not only supports the local beekeepers but also encourages pollination in urban areas.

Is Beeswax more sustainable than Soy Wax?

Although Beeswax is indeed an animal product, it has many benefits for humans and the environment. When produced in a responsible way by local beekeepers, beeswax can be more sustainable and harmless than Soy wax which is grown on a large, industrial-scale affecting indirectly the lives of native fauna and flora. Know more

Do you dye your candles?

Yes, we offer black beeswax candles

I have asthma but love candles, is beeswax safe for me?

Yes, Beeswax candles are also known for being hypoallergenic. People with asthma or allergies report fewer problems with beeswax candles. It also emits negative ions helping to neutralize air pollutants.

Is beeswax baby and pet-friendly?

Beeswax is pure and natural substance that when organic is free from paraffin and other toxic additives. It emits negative ions in the air to purify the air and remove bad odours. Also, it is a good source of aromatherapy for babies. Know more

Is there a way to check if my beeswax candles are fake?

There are different suppliers of beeswax in the market, making it difficult to identify fake beeswax. That's why we source our beeswax from beekeepers. Know more


How to order wholesale?

Simply fill the contact form and we will get back to you with our wholesale linesheet.

Do you send samples?

Due to organic beeswax scarcity, we don't send samples.

What are your MOQ's and Leading times?

Currently, we have a 2-3 weeks production time with a MOQ of £500

Workshops, Special Projects & Collabs

Do you offer workshops?

Yes, please contact us and let's make candles!

Do you make custom candles?

Yes, if you have a project in mind let us know

Do you supply candles for events or ceremonies?

Yes, we will be happy to source the candles for your marriage or special event. Contact us to know more

Can your candles be given as a company gift?

Yes, we have special packages for corporate gifting. Know more

Do you do pop-up shops?

Yes, please follow us on Instagram or subscribe to our newsletter to be updated about our next pop-up shop!