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What is Beeswax and How It's Made?

Beeswax, scientifically known as cera alba, is one of nature's most fascinating product that is brought to us by honey bees. Remarkably, not only bees play a vital role in pollination that allows us to grow our crops but also provide us with a versatile product called beeswax. Chiefly used in making beeswax candles, it is also used in a whole range of products from making soaps and cosmetic items to utilizing it as a lubricant in industries.

It has been observed that beeswax is originally formed in the glands of honeybees that are specifically meant for wax formation. They are 8 in number and located on the abdomen. In the beginning, this wax is colourless and is usually released in the hive. The worker bees collect it all and start using it to create cells for the storage of honey. Beeswax is also used by bees to ensure the safety of larvae and pupae in the beehive. Later on, this beeswax mixes with pollen and the saliva of the bee to acquire the original golden color that we usually see.


The History of Beeswax

It is fascinating how beeswax was the first material in history that was used somewhat like plastic to either waterproof a surface or even as a lubricant. Of course, making candles is the most popular utility of beeswax but you will also find many other uses such as in the wax casting of glass or metal and for polishing furniture.


How is Beeswax produced?

Once the honeybees have enough beeswax they begin their marvelous technique of creating the hexagonal comb that functions as the interior of the beehive. This honeycomb functions as a storage for honey and for nurturing the young ones. Extra honey is also stored in the honeycombs and is covered by beeswax to keep it safe.


Collection of Beeswax

To make good beeswax candles, it is important to ensure that the best beeswax is obtained. The beekeepers collect honey and beeswax simultaneously. They first begin by emptying the frames of the beehive that are covered with beeswax in the form of cappings and then they scratch off all the beeswax to collect the sweet old honey and move on to the next step.

The wax obtained from the beehive is first boiled and then filtered to eliminate any sort of impurities. After ensuring that the best batch of beeswax has been obtained, the candle-making process begins.


Our Beeswax Candles

Our candles are both eco-friendly and locally made! We, at Bzzwax & Co., follow the best standards of locally manufacturing our candles and keep in mind that it not only supports the local beekeepers but also encourages pollination in urban areas.

We shape the beeswax in several different ways ranging from basic candles to unicorns, balls, ellipses, and even double cones. These gorgeous beeswax candles are also available in white and black!
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