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What Is Organic Beeswax And Why Is It So Special?

Honeybees naturally create beeswax, a natural and renewable material used to build honeycombs to store honey and raise their broods. 

Due to its reformative, anti-inflammatory, and anti-viral characteristics, beeswax is utilised in lip balm, itch relief, skin moisturiser, pain relief, cookery and candles.

Beeswax adulteration is a common practice since ancient times, from adding nails to increase its weight to mixing it with other cheap waxes (paraffin) and toxic aditives to increase the profit.

We at BZZWAX prefer to make candles out of organic beeswax purchased from local beekeepers. This way we make sure our wax is free from any toxic aditives, plus we support beekeepers to continue their vital work.


Understanding the benefits of using Organic Beeswax Candles

Bees can fly up to 10 kilometres when searching for a good source of nectar or when carried along by the breeze. Beeswax is a very special bio product with many benefits for us, humans:


Purified Air

Organic beeswax candles generate negative ions that make removing various airborne toxins easier, so they cleanse the air. Organic beeswax is suitable for people with asthma, paraffin allergies or headaches because it doesn’t emit soot or smoke. Additionally, preventing soot development keeps walls clear of stains.


Bright warm light

Beeswax candles make the room brighter and emit a warm and lovely glow. This type of natural lighting is ideal for setting the mood for candlelight dinners, reading, and meditation.

Organic beeswax candles offer lovely light and a pleasant scent. They are the candles that burn the longest, brightest, and cleanest.

In addition, organic beeswax aids in enhancing focus, lowering discomfort, reducing stress, and promoting psychological health.


Natural scent

Organic beeswax candles have a faint honey scent that ranges from sweet, floral, and fresh to even savoury, hot, or robust. Natural honey and nectar, that have been extracted directly from the honeycomb are what give forth this scent. There may be traces of citrus, herbs, wildflowers, and wild berries in certain beeswax candles. Additionally, it might be influenced by the bees pollinating species. The calming scent of these beeswax candles can help lift your spirits, especially when working.


Absolutely pet-friendly

Beeswax candles don't hurt dogs since they use 100 per cent pure and natural cotton wicks made from organic beeswax. Unlike other candles with scents, beeswax doesn't include synthetic materials or toxic chemicals. Since bees are raised humanely and naturally, organic candle beeswax is absolutely sustainable.


Final words

The traditional and ideal type of candle wax is beeswax. The candle industry is mostly unregulated so many vendors on the market deal in imported beeswax labeled “pure” or “refined”.

There is a chance that some beeswax contains paraffin or other impurities that are prohibited in some coutries. However, because organic beeswax is more environmentally friendly, we at BZZWAX prefer to use it when making candles. We purchase it from local beekeepers

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