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What makes beeswax candles a more eco-friendly option for weddings?

Candles are an iconic part of many weddings. In most cases, the candles are lit at the beginning of the celebration, add ambiance to the event, and then used up as decoration at the end. The main concern surrounding candles is that they can be toxic, which can harm gest’s with respiratory issues and the environment. To prevent this, some couples have started looking for more eco-friendly alternatives such as beeswax candles.


Beeswax, an eco-friendly and warmer choice for weddings

For many people, beeswax candles are still a preferred choice for beauty and for useful gifts for the holidays and weddings. Many people may not know that beeswax, being an all-natural product, is completely safe to burn and presents the opportunity to snag some of that honeymoon glow without the harmful chemicals at the cost of a reduced price. 


Traditional paraffin candles produce a lot of air pollution from their use

Using paraffin candles to decorate a home or romantic setting has been known to be an effective way to set the mood. However, many people are not aware of the dirty little secret that comes with these candles. Because of their use of paraffin, which is considered one of the dirtiest fuels to produce, these candles produce a lot of air pollution from their use. The harmful chemicals released from these candles can be hazardous to human health and can cause cancer or other respiratory problems.


Shifting your focus from the traditional use of paraffin candles to beeswax candles can be a great addition to your wedding.

Candles are a common idea for many events, like a wedding, to set the mood. However, have you considered that the use of beeswax instead of paraffin can be a better option? Wedding industry professionals have turned from using traditional candles and instead switched to beeswax candles. If you are looking for a brand new and exciting way to decorate your wedding, consider switching to beeswax candles.
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