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Why do we use Organic Beeswax?

Beeswax is the natural substance produced by the bees to store honey and raise their broods. Due to its reformative, anti-allergenic, and anti-viral properties, beeswax is used in lip balms, skin moisturizers, itch relief, pain relief, candles, and cooking.

Due to it's high value and lack of industry regulations, beeswax adulteration is being reported since the beginning of the industrial age. Many offenders in the market sell adulterated beeswax containing additives like paraffin and other toxic substances and label it as "refined", "cosmetic" or "pure".

We prefer purchasing organic beeswax sourced by local beekeepers for making our candles. This way we make sure our candles are free from contaminants and at the same time we help beekeepers to continue their essential work.


Benefits of using organic beeswax in candles

1. Air purify

Candles made from organic beeswax emit negative ions simplifying the removal of various airborne contaminants, thereby purifying the air. Since organic beeswax prevents the emission of soot or smoke, it is safe for those suffering from asthma, headaches, or paraffin allergies. Further, prevention of soot formation keeps walls stain-free. 

2. Bright light

Further, beeswax candles enlighten the space brighter and give a beautiful warm glow. Its natural light is best for creating a perfect ambiance for meditation, reading, or candle-light dinner. 

3. Natural fragrance

They have a slight fragrance of honey that starts from sugary, bloomy, or fresh to salty, spicy, warm, or strong. This fragrance comes from natural nectar and honey collected from the honeycomb.

Some beeswax candles might have traces of herbs, citrus, wildflowers, wild berries, and prairie grasses. At the same time, it may also depend on what the bees are pollinating.

The soothing fragrance of organic beeswax candles helps in relaxing and refreshing the mood, especially at work.

4. Pet-friendly

Since organic beeswax uses 100% natural cotton wicks, beeswax candles don’t harm pets. Compared to other scented candles, beeswax doesn’t contain synthetic or harmful toxins. Organic beeswax is considered sustainable as bees are raised cruelty-free and looked after in a natural way.

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