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Why Is Beeswax The Best Alternative To Soy Wax?

Nowadays, people understand the harmful effects of traditional paraffin wax candles caused by carcinogens and dangerous soot emissions. They are turning towards soy wax and beeswax candles due to their eco-friendly feature.

Soy wax is obtained from the chemical processing of hydrogenated soybean oils that are genetically modified and possess a small amount of paraffin. Soywax also have a lower melting point which is increased by mixing additives.

Beeswax is produced from the honeybees of the genus Apis. Being natural and non-toxic, it doesn’t release any toxic by-product or soot into the atmosphere. Organic beeswax doesn’t contain even a trace of paraffin, it is safer to use. Thus, it is considered the most eco-friendly candle wax.

Soy wax versus Beeswax

If you are confused about purchasing soy wax and beeswax candles, go through the following points and check how beeswax is the best alternative to soy wax.


1. Environmental impact

Soy wax is produced from soybean seeds which are usually genetically modified. These seeds are exposed to herbicides, pesticides, and excess water. Further, soybean production destroys habitats, causes soil erosion, and leads to deforestation, adversely affecting the environment.

Beeswax, on the other hand, comes from bees and is a natural by-product in the beekeeping industry. The bees regularly construct honeycombs made of wax to store their honey. In the process of rendering beeswax, beekeepers assure the bees are not harmed in any way.

Also, there is minimal or negligible exposure to harmful chemicals, which inhibits beeswax from getting impure.

By purchasing beeswax sourced by beekeepers you help to support small businesses and urban pollination.


2. Scent

Soy wax candles have some part of paraffin, due to which poisonous dyes and fragrances are released into the air. Though essential oils can be added, they are not much safe for candle fragrances. In contrast, beeswax is a natural substance and has a slight fragrance of honey. Beeswax is the best and safest option if you want a sweet, appealing, and natural scented candle.


3. Colour

Beeswax is naturally produced from melted honeycombs and thus is honey-coloured. Beeswax candles can enlighten the surroundings with natural light within the sunlight spectrum and give a beautiful yet warm glow.

In comparison, soy wax candles have added dyes to give them a colour. These additives can potentially be dangerous. When lit, soy wax candles emit a white and cool-toned flame similar to fluorescent light.


4. Health impact

Due to the presence of paraffin, soy wax candles are impure and release soot and other chemicals that may aggravate allergies. Beeswax is hypoallergenic and when lit, emit negative ions into the air, thereby removing dust and unpleasant odours. Since beeswax prevents the emission of soot, it is a safer option over soy wax for people suffering from certain allergies or health issues.


5. Candle life

Beeswax is relatively denser than soy wax, due to which beeswax candles burn longer than soy wax candles. Though many companies may add a significant amount of paraffin in soy wax to make it denser, paraffin also burns off quickly.

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